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Frequently Asked Questions - FreeGift Master
FreeGift Master

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the frequently asked questions about entering giveaways and submitting your own giveaways to promote. Just contact us should you have question that is not answered below.

FAQs on Joining Giveaways

How to enter or join giveaway?

To enter or join listed giveaways, simply click the “Enter Giveaway Here” link on any of the giveaway listing page. For hosted giveaways, just scroll to bottom of the giveaway post and join using the provided giveaway form.

Can I join in all listed giveaway?

Eligibility will vary for each giveaway so make sure you review the giveaway eligibility. Eligibility section shows the country/nationality and age that are eligible to join.

It is always advisable to read the giveaway’s own terms & condition to make sure that you are eligible to win. Especially if you are a national or legal permanent resident of the province of Quebec (Canada) or the following countries: Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria.

How do I enter via Rafflecopter, Gleam, KingSumo, or other Giveaway Forms?

Entering a giveaway with a giveaway form or widget (i.e. Rafflecopter, Gleam, and KingSumo) is easy. Just sign into the giveaway widget with either your Facebook account or your name and email address and then you will see a list of tasks that you must complete to gain an entry.

Task will vary for each giveaway as it is set up and customized differently by the giveaway organizer. Some giveaways will have mandatory entries that you must complete to be eligible to win. Also, some giveaways will have rules so make sure you read the terms and conditions. If you have questions about the specific giveaway you’re entering, it is always best to contact the host or organizer of the giveaway.

Here are some links to videos that you can watch for more info: For Rafflecopter – For Gleam.IO.

Do I pay the shipping cost (of the prize) if I win?

This will vary for each giveaway and most of the time this detail is disclosed in the terms and conditions of the giveaway.

Are these giveaways real or legit?

FreeGift Master manually checks all submitted giveaways. We love to join giveaways so we hate scam giveaways too!

We don’t list giveaways that we think are scams however if in doubt about the veracity of the giveaway found on FreeGift Master, please do not join.

FAQs on Submitting Giveaways for Promotion

How do I submit or add my giveaway for promotion?

To submit your giveaway, please use the form found in our Submit Giveaway page. Make sure to read instructions written within the form.

What happens if i feature my giveaway?

Featured giveaways will get your giveaway more exposure and is prioritized in listing line-up!

The homepage of FreeGift Master displays the most recent giveaways posted on the site. On average, we are posting 15-21 Giveaways every other day so the front page is constantly changing thus your listing will be pushed back down every time there are new giveaways. With our Featured Giveaway Image Slider, your giveaway will stay at the top of the Homepage & shown in other listing posts thus more exposure for your giveaway.

Due to the high volume of submissions we limit our giveaway post to a maximum of 21 giveaways per update thus all basic giveaways are queued. This line-up can be as long as 7-days. With Featured Listing, your giveaway is prioritized in listing line-up.

Lastly, all featured listing options include social media share once per week. The majority of our readers still comes from our social media pages so social media shares can provide a huge increase in traffic and entries. Also, featured giveaways are featured in every email updates so subscribers will see it every new giveaway update.

Why my giveaway hasn’t been posted yet?

If your giveaway is not featured and hasn’t been posted within 7 Days then your giveaway has been rejected. There may be several reasons why submitted giveaways are rejected:

1.Lack of clear giveaway eligibility & end date information on the provided link. We manually check all submitted giveaways and if such information can not be found on the provided link then your submitted giveaway will be rejected.

2. Giveaway end date is too soon. Due to high volume of submissions, it is always best to have your giveaway run at least two weeks after submission. You can upgrade your listing to Featured Listing if you want it to be posted within 24hours.

3. Giveaway is a duplicate of another giveaway that is already posted.

For other queries, please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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